Stereocilia is Bristol, UK based guitarist and composer, John Scott. John uses his guitar, analog synths and live looping techniques to create dense, rich layers of sound.

Over the past 10 years John has performed all over the UK and Europe. in the past he has shared a stage with acts including Ben Frost, William Baskinski, Gnod, Nadja, Daniel Lanois, Noveller, White Hills, Acid Mothers Temple, Josef Van Wissem, Mick Turner (The Dirty Three) and performed in three of Rhys Chatham’s guitar Orchestras. He has also presented work for live radio broadcasts, and regularly composes for Short Film, including the Channel 4 award winning documentary, ‘The Boy With The 8-Hour Heart.

Stereocilia has released several albums and EP’s on UK independent labels, Drone Rock Records, Low Point, Champion Version, Weird Beard, and his own imprint, Echoic Memory.  His 5th album “Crystalline” released in April 2023 was his third release for Brighton based label, Drone Rock Records.


“Inspired and atmospheric, Stereocilia never disappoints”. – Freq Mag

“Transfixed by the immersive and atmospheric set, I was rocking back and forth in my seat staring intently. Hypnotic doesn’t cover it” Bristol In Stereo

 “…once again an amazing amalgam of cinematic emptiness… a series of tracks that engender vast topographic soundscapes in the mind.” Fragmented and Flaneur

“From my first listen, it quickly rose to become one of my favourite releases of the month, excelling especially in the clarity of its higher frequencies.” Bandcamp Daily

“…A true cathartic experience which turns into a beautiful cinematic sound-scape.” Echoes and Dust

“Ambient washes and guitar loops serve up Stereocilia’s trademark mesmerisation and lush textured drones on the opening ‘i’. By all means take your pick of wormholes, though – there are five of them including an epic ‘v’ spanning more than half an hour” Terrascope

“…Stereocilia does something unusual, out of it’s box and that’s great”
Vital Weekly

“By the end of the record you really feel like you’ve been on a journey… one that you may be in a hurry to repeat.”
Psychic Light

“Yet again Drone Rock have brought us something different and thought-provoking. ‘Hive Mind’ works on so many levels it is staggering….”

Dayz Of Purple and Orange

“It’s a sometimes hazy, always pretty testament to the power of ambient drone”
Echoes and Dust

“A sweet pillow of sound that echoes around the room in drifts of light, beautiful and relaxing, the sound of tranquillity at its best.” – Slow Motion Review

“The result invokes a post-apocalyptic landscape of decaying structures and haunted fields.” – Slow Motion Review
Avant Music News

” Background layers fall away leaving only his guitar picking”
Live Review. Spirit of Gravity

“Like John Fahey in an Echo Chamber” – Fractal Meat Cuts Volume 1.
Freq Magazine

“A sprawling soundscape of warm drones” – Live Review.
Drunken Werewolf

“With his guitar, London’s John Scott has found an Archimedean point from which he can move the world” – 
Igloo Magazine

“This ebb and flow is expertly paced” – Murmurations Album Review.
Radio Free Midwich

“Murmurations is a strong body of work that is both technically innovative and powerfully evocative.” – 

“A subtle ooze of medication in mellow glows of diffusing contour, as if you were standing on that drifting tide-line of drone, your eyes mirrors, reflecting the infinite curve of perpetually folding gravities.” – Murmurations
Album Review. 

“Scott lets his guitar run free in an endless set of delay and loop pedals and takes a lot of time to meander about. Which is of course a fine thing.” – Murmurations Album Review. 
Vital weekly 907

“Cascades of guitar notes, plucked, strummed and eased from the guitar with seemingly effortless ease, the sure sign of a master craftsman” – Murmurations Album Review. 

“Just as the audience are completely hypnotised into submission, he is gone. Mission accomplished.” – 
Brighton Noise Live Review