Big thanks to Bandcamp for including ‘The Silence That Follows’ in their album of the month. Read below what the have to say about it.

“The Silence That Follows caught my eye a few weeks ago, on one of my usual scrolls through the ambient tag. From my first listen, it quickly rose to become one of my favorite releases of the month, excelling especially in the clarity of its higher frequencies. A large portion of the album is constructed around a continual interplay between guitar loops and synthesized pads, but Stereocilia isn’t afraid to journey outside of this formula; the interesting drum patterns in “Syzygy” before the introduction of the distorted guitar is a unique moment of reflection before the utter power of the track is revealed. Towards the end of the album come less abrasive tracks, including the epic “Celestial Light,” which takes up half of the album’s runtime. This is a walk through a variety of electronic timbres, and the guitar which dominates the latter half is probably my favorite element on the entire album.”

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